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Rates & Fees

Rates and fees can be tailored to your business, just like the service, you can choose an hourly rate, project fee or retainer fee.

Hourly Rate


Hourly rates are best used when the work to be done is hard to quantify, or if you want the flexibility of the hourly rate. Check out how much can be done in an hour using the Time Guide.

  • We discuss the task, what the goal is, the timescale and deadlines.
  • If possible, an estimate of how long the task will take will be provided.
  • When the task is being carried out, the time spent is recorded on a time management tool.
  • Work is completed in line with the agreement. If hours may exceed your budget or agreement you will be contacted in advance.

Please note that hourly rates should not be used if you need to guarantee availability on a weekly or monthly basis, or if you have a need for regular or ongoing support. Check out the retainer fees as an alternative.

Retainer Fees


Retainer agreements work best if you require a guaranteed amount of time spent supporting your business, whether it be on a weekly or monthly basis. Retainer fees are discounted by £1 per hour as a ‘Thank You’ for making a monthly commitment and allowing time to be scheduled in advance. 

  • Decide how many hours you require a month or a week. 
  • If you are unsure of how many hours you require we can start with a two-week trial to assess this.
  • Either decide on set tasks to be carried out each month or send tasks as and when it suits you, throughout the course of the month or the week. 
  • Work is completed in line with the agreement.
  • You will be given updates during the month so that you are up to date with the retained hours used. 
  • If you need to reduce or increase the hours you just need to give a months notice.

Popular retainer agreements include the following, but please do get in contact for bespoke retainer agreements to suit your business needs.

10 hours – Save £10 – £240  |   20 hours – Save £20 – £480   |    30 hours – Save £30 – £720

Project Fees


If you have a project or task that requires bespoke pricing please get in touch. Example of bespoke fees that can be provided include:

  • Pricing for on-site support, subject to location and availability.
  • Day rates for tasks such as meeting or event assistance, project support and management.
  • Pricing for short term assistance for staff cover, for example, in cases of annual leave or sick leave.
  • Project management or research work.

Guide for how long it will take for a Virtual Assistant to complete tasks

This time guide will give you an idea of how long tasks will take, based on how long has been spent on these tasks previously.

All new work is assessed on a case by case basis and a time management tool is used to record all spent time so that it is clear for all parties.

During the initial consultation information will be gathered so that the ‘tools’ to complete the services are discussed, so as to reduce time costs.

  • Data entry – between 1 and 3 minutes per contact.
  • Bookkeeping – between 45-60 transactions can be entered in an hour. 
  • Template documents – approximately one document per hour.
  • Writing – between 500 and 700 words per hour.
  • Newsletters/marketing – between 1-3 hours.
  • Research – between 300 and 600 words per hour.

Time guide for completing the task only, completed in a preferred format and source information provided in a reasonable manner. 

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