What is Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday was set up to encourage people to shop local and to support the small businesses in their local area, in the run-up to Christmas.

This Saturday, the 1st December 2018, is ‘Small Business Saturday’. It is a campaign which started in 2013 and had the most successful year to date last year, with an estimated £748 million spent on that day with small businesses.

It will be my first Small Business Saturday as a small business owner. I will be co-hosting a pop-up shop in my local town, providing free business advice to small business owners.

Why support a Small Business

Small businesses have been described as the backbone of the UK economy, by supporting small businesses you are supporting the economy.

And I am sure we have all seen quotes like this being shared by small business owners.


Although the quotes are perhaps a little cliché, having spent a lot of time with small business owners, I think the sentiment is a true reflection of how small business owners feel when you choose to buy their products or services.

The benefits of supporting Small Businesses

Small Businesses aren’t able to sit back and rest on their laurels, they have to make sure they are providing the best products or services.

They are normally at the forefront of originality and have the ability to adapt themselves to trends and changes in buying habits.

When buying services from a small business they are better equipped to provide you with a tailored experience, rather than one size fits all that might have to be adopted by a larger business.

Whilst trying to grow brand awareness and build up reviews, small business owners will naturally be more invested in providing quality customer service or a personalised buying experience.

Additional benefits for supporting local Businesses

If you support local, you are not only supporting that small business owner but you are:

  • Boosting your local economy.
  • Supporting your local community.
  • Potentially helping to create or maintain local jobs.
  • And, if you are buying goods locally, it can be more environmentally friendly than the options from national retailers.

Small Business Support for life – not just for Christmas!

With huge campaigns this year encouraging us to think more about the need to reduce our usage of plastics and to live more sustainably in general. Why not “Think Globally and Act Locally”.

It isn’t just about what you buy, it is also about who you buy from. This doesn’t have to be just about one day in December, the benefits of supporting a small business are huge.

Take advantage of those benefits the whole year and consider your local small businesses.

Small Business Saturday – 1st December 2018 – Newton Abbot, Devon

If you are self-employed and running your own business in Newton Abbot, could you do with a few pointers that would help you and your business?

On Saturday 1st December 2018 there will be an event in Market Walk in Newton Abbot between 10am and 3pm, where you can drop in and get free help and advice as a small business owner.

Lots of areas of running a small business are covered including:

  • HR
  • Taxes, bookkeeping, VAT, payroll
  • Writing copy for advertising
  • SEO advice
  • General business advice including business administration and management.

We are also promoting the small businesses of Newton Abbot, so even if you don’t need advice but would like to support local businesses – drop in any way!

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