Becoming a Self Employed Freelancer

//Becoming a Self Employed Freelancer

Today, on National Freelancers Day, I thought it might be nice to share my story about why I decided to become a Self Employed Freelancer.

The Trigger

I had decided to leave my job and I was looking at various job sites in despair, there were certainly jobs that I could do, but none of them would make me happy. I wasn’t afraid of long hours or responsibility, that was something I was used to, but I did want to be excited about going to work each day.

I had been employed in accountancy practice and then in a senior operations role for an international agency and I had worked really hard and I had gained lots of skills and knowledge about how to run a business. I was on a walk with my husband Josh at the weekend and we were trying to think of something I would enjoy doing and it always come back to running my own business. But what business would I would run? It seems made up when I write it down, but it did genuinely happen this way, Josh and I seemed to have a ‘Eureka’ moment at exactly the same time. Could I run my own business as a freelancer providing business support services? 

The Research

I was so excited about the prospect of being able to run my own business, I immediately went home and did lots of research and found that many people were doing what I hoped to do as a ‘Virtual Assistant’. I read every article, blog and news piece that I could find about Virtual Assistants. I was lucky in that the sector that I had picked, so many people before me had not only chose the same path as me but felt compelled to write about it. There were so many bits of advice I started listing them in Google Sheets because I can’t resist a spreadsheet. Very quickly I had a very long to-do list but felt incredibly motivated to get it done.

The Learning Curve

I am lucky in that I had lots of relevant experience through my previous employment and I knew about lots of things about being self-employed; the taxes, the legalities of running your own business, the insurance, the processes I would need in place to run efficiently. I definitely did not know how to build a website, I had limited knowledge about SEO and being someone that didn’t even have FaceBook until this week, I couldn’t say I was an expert at Social Media. I was very lucky in that I had a very experienced person to help me with this as Josh is an E-commerce Manager, and a very good one at that. Josh showed me how to use WordPress one evening after work and within a week I had the bare bones of my website. Next on the list was the SEO review and a LOT of research about what I needed to do to use social media to the fullest potential, that is something I am still learning about as I grow my business.

The Plan

I am now in the position to launch my business and I am so excited about what is to come. I feel that I have lots to offer small businesses and start-ups as I now don’t just have knowledge from my employment, I have now done it myself!

How I Could Help

I was lucky that I had the luxury of time to set up my business. If you are thinking of setting up your own business and going self-employed, you may still be working and trying to set up your business in your spare time. Or you may already be a business owner and have already set up your business but have so many things to focus on that you cannot focus on growing the business. If you find yourself in this position I could help you. To find out more about my services and how I can help please check out my website. Or you can find out more about me and my experience.

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