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Research and Bespoke Project Services in Devon

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest.”

Providing a professional and affordable outsourced office solution with research and bespoke project services for busy business owners.

Outsourced business services provided in Devon. On-site support can be provided if your business is based in Newton Abbot, Torbay and Exeter.

Research and Bespoke Project Services that can be Outsourced

Research can be completed and summarised in a format that you request, normally in an easy to read, no jargon, report.

Research could be undertaken on:


A standard for your industry.

Tax legislation.

Potential new Clients.

Potential new Suppliers.

Funding options.

Activities, entertainment, travel, venues.

And much more.

Plus project services that are bespoke to your business and your needs such as:

Management of a project, including putting timescales in place, software to track progress and staff management.

Review of a process, making recommendations for changes and efficiencies.

Producing training documents based on an existing process.

And much more.

Why Outsource Research and Bespoke Project Services to a Virtual Assistant

Support can be provided for one-off projects so that your time, or your teams time, is not affected.

Tailored services can be provided by a professional freelancer with business experience.

On-site support for businesses in Devon, predominately Newton Abbot, Torquay or Exeter, as well as off-site support, depending on your requirements.

Outsourcing a Research Project – Case Study 1

“Kirsty produced a comprehensive report to guide Torquay Cricket Club through the bidding process. Kirsty has found funding sources unknown to us. I am delighted with Kirsty’s initiative and attention to detail. Summary – Kirsty is easy to work with. She saved me hours of time and effort and did a far better job than I could have.”

Peter Hunt, Vice Chairman, Torquay Cricket Club


Kirsty Piercy Virtual Assistant provided assistance to Peter Hunt, Vice Chairman of Torquay Cricket Club in August.

Torquay Cricket Club have established that there is a need to repair/replace the existing pavilion. The first steps for the Cricket Club was to look into funding options for the club. This would normally fall to the Vice Chairman to complete, however, Peter, who runs his own very successful IT business, Ponticello, was unable to find the time to do this research.

Services Provided

Peter outsourced the research project to Kirsty Piercy Virtual Assistant and provided a simple brief. To undertake approximately 2-3 days of research into three particular funding sources, outlining the process of funding, the application process and any other details.

In just less than two days a 26-page report was produced for Torquay Cricket Club, which you can read.

Experience in Bespoke Project & Research Work

In the role of Head of Global Finance and Operations, Kirsty Piercy undertook a several Research Projects and Bespoke Projects including:

  • Researching how to set up a company in the USA and Dubai, as well as researching local advisors in the USA and Dubai to assist with banking, accounting and legal matters.
  • Research tax and VAT laws across the world for international trade.
  • Researching HR and legal matters as and when matters arose.
  • Research new suppliers and customers when the value was material to the business.
  • Reviewing administrative processes within the business and making recommendations, implementing changes and training the team.
  • Creating a bespoke process for contracts, including creating rules for a bespoke CRM system to allow for automation throughout the process.
  • Creating training documents for overseas employees on company processes.

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